The students at more than one thousand schools have been fascinated by underwater movie-maker David Waud’s films about the EXCITING OCEAN WORLD.

“Your program is the best one that is presented at our school. You always have something new and exciting to share. And each time it gets better! You are very entertaining and our students could sit and listen to you all day. See you next March!”

— Laurie Hopkins, Fourth Grade Teacher Northside Intermediate School (Milton, WI)


David’s spectacular new SCUBAssembly recreates his incredible adventures in 2007 in Kenya and the Maldive Islands, comparing the fabulous land animals of East Africa with the amazing sea creatures in the faraway Indian Ocean. One surprising fact follows another in this unforgettable experience!

Down Under

Every student will dream of being adopted by the Waud family after watching twelve-year-old Tucker learn to SCUBA dive and accompany his father David Waud on a six-month filming expedition down under to Australia. He couldn’t believe what he saw on his first dive on the incredible Great Barrier Reef!

Deep Six

Imagine being Haley Waud, the twelve-year-old daughter of underwater cinematographer David Waud, finishing her SCUBA diving course in the stunning blue waters around Hawaii and then starring in Underwauder Productions popular film about five even more exciting diving adventures with whales, sharks, manatees — WOW! READ MORE »